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Water tower in high summer
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Water tower Bruderholz, Basel, Switzerland
The water tower with the meadows surrounding it is one of the most attractive green spaces in Basel. In early summer the area is dominated by large meadows full of flowers. Storks are frequent visitors here. Some places, for example south of the Batterie, are especially rich in different species and have many particular species such as field scabious, meadow sage and oxeye daisy. The square, dam-like Batterie building was an artillery emplacement built in 1815 in the battle against French attackers and was also used again for military purposes in the First World War between 1914 and 1918. The fortification is square and the walls have a grove growing there. Inside the former walls there is a lawn which is used mainly as a playground for children. The entire area has many benches. The biggest attraction is undoubtedly the water tower which, when it is sunny and there is a clear view, offers a unique panoramic view of Basel and the nearby trinational environment. The tower, built around 1926, is still used as a reservoir today. With its help high pressure is generated in the drinking water network, which also supplies the upper quarters in the Bruderholz area. The drinking water supply network also includes the reservoir at Reservoirstrasse. The filtration plants in particular can be seen from the outside. These remove impurities in the water coming from the valleys alongside the Birs at Grellingen and heading to Basel. The reservoirs are underground. To protect the groundwater, the meadows have never been fertilised and are therefore among the most species-rich areas in the city canton. The water tower area is regularly used as a location for events such as the annual shows of the «Quartier Circus Bruederholz» in summer and the celebrations and fireworks on national day. Normally the area is, above all, a quiet and relaxing place, however.

Walking tour

The water tower area can be reached in a few minutes from the Bruderholz tram stop. Along Reservoirstrasse to the east, a walk heads to the reservoirs in the Bruderholz area, which were built after 1860. From here it is not far to the Jakobsberg tram station.
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Map: Landeskarte der Schweiz, 1:25'000, Blatt No. 1047 (Basel)

Activity: on foot, by bicycle, Viewpoint
Culture: Historic site, Event venue
Equipment: Camera, Binocular
Nature: Settlement area, Plants
Required time: a few hours

Target groups:
Individuals, Excursion with children, Groups / Extended families, Schools lower level, Schools intermediate level, Schools upper level, handicapped accessible
Suitable for all target groups. The water tower itself is not accessible for people in wheelchairs though (spiral staircase).

Food and drinks:
Restaurant (simple), Restaurant (special)
Restaurants Al Torre and zum Wasserturm are right next to the water tower on Reservoirstrasse. The gourmet restaurant Stucki is on Bruderholzallee.

Public transport: tram, Bicycle, Car
Documents: Half-Fare Card
The stop for tram no. 15 and 16 is right nearby. From here go via Peter Ochs-Strasse to the water tower. Very limited number of parking spaces on the road (no car park!). By bicycle go up via Jakobsbergweglein – Reservoirstrasse or Gundeldingerrain – Peter Ochs-Strasse.

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