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Rothallenweiher pond
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Rütihard, Münchenstein, Switzerland
The Rütihard is the northernmost part of the Gempen plateau which belongs to the Tabular Jura. As a local recreation area, it is «right on the doorstep» of the inhabitants of Muttenz and Münchenstein and also people from the city of Basel. After an ascent you reach an extended plateau with agricultural land in some places and, in some areas, various types of forest with a lot of wild garlic and Kashubian buttercups. On account of the acidic loess loam layer, there are also species of trees which are otherwise not indigenous to the Jura. For example, isolated sweet chestnuts also grow in the forest. On the valley sides of the deeply penetrating course of the stream, the green shoots of the rough horsetail can be seen in some places. These can be easily recognised after the leaves fall in particular. Together, the stream and forest create an ideal habitat for the fire salamander, whose larvae can be found in calm parts of the stream from March to July. The Rothallenweiher pond, about which there are various tales, is a particular attraction for visitors. On a wooden walkway visitors can reach the banks of the pond directly. A narrow hiking trail goes to the west of the Rothallenweiher pond through a woodrush beech forest. While the herbs in this forest are few and far between, the soil is covered in moss in large areas. The most noticeable kinds are Irish moss (Mnium sp.) and the bluish-coloured white cushion moss (Leucobryum claucum).

Waöking tour

The path begins at the car park in the valley of the Teufelsgrabenbach (N 47° 31’ 15“ / E 07° 37’ 27“). From the stop EBM (tram no. 10), this location can be reached in 5 minutes. On the right side of the valley the path goes up in the beech forest and gives a view of the course of the stream which has penetrated deeply into the loess loam. At the fork the path goes to the right in the direction of Gruet (N 47° 31’ 07“ / E 07° 37’ 55“). A narrow hiking trail turns off at N 47° 31’ 02“ / E 07° 37’ 54“, here there is a barrier to stop horses passing. The path goes directly to the Rothallenweiher pond (N 47° 30’ 54“ /, E 07° 38’ 05“). It is located at a small clearing and is surrounded by tall and old beech trees. A boardwalk to prevent people causing damage by walking in the forest gives access to the bank of the pond. On the path heading north you reach the wide Rothallenweg and here you turn right. At the next turnoff you leave the forest by heading left. In open country, meadow orchards and fields prevail and from some areas there is a fantastic view of the Dinkelberg with the St. Chrischona Tower and the Upper Rhine Plain. From Musterplatz (N 47° 31’ 09“ / E 07° 38’ 06“), where there is also a place for a barbecue, it is possible to go left back to the starting point or go right to continue across the open field to Muttenz.
N: 47° 30' 54"   E: 07° 38' 5" Detail POI download
Map: Landeskarte der Schweiz, 1:25'000, Blatt No. 2505 (Basel und Umgebung)

Activity: on foot, on the water, Fire place / Picnic
Equipment: Maps, good footwear
Nature: Forest, Lakes, Reptiles / Amphibians / Fishes, Insects, Plants
Required time: 1/2 Day

Target groups:
Individuals, Excursion with children, Groups / Extended families, Schools lower level, Schools intermediate level, Schools upper level
Suitable for all target groups. Accessible for wheelchair users only outside the forest.

Food and drinks:
Barbecue / picnic area, Restaurant (simple)
Officially listed place for a campfire at Musterplatz. Several restaurants in Muttenz and Münchenstein.

Public transport: tram, Bicycle, Car
Documents: Half-Fare Card
By tram no. 10 up to the stop Hofmatt or Elektra Birseck. By car on Birseckstrasse along tram line no. 10 or over the main road through Münchenstein. To the west of the Birs on Mühlenmattstrasse up to the car park at Teufelsgrabenbächli. By bike, coming from Basel, head over the wooden bridge at Neue Welt and past Rütihardhof farm to the starting point.

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