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View of the pond area
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Herzogenmatt, Binningen, Switzerland
The Herzogenmatt nature reserve is an amphibian spawning ground of national importance and consists of many different habitats. An extraordinarily large variety of animals and plants can live in the bushes, ponds, pools, heaps of stones, meadows and in the forest. An educational forest trail of the Binningen civic community gives a lot of information about the different species of animals and trees and also source habitats, sustainable energy generation and much more. The ponds and ditches created by humans are a coveted habitat and spawning ground for eleven species of amphibians such as the water frog, midwife toad, palmate newt and yellow-bellied toad. In the ponds there is a noticeable presence of water soldiers, pond lilies and water lilies. Sand lizards and wall lizards and also blindworms and grass snakes feel at home in the heaps of stones. The richly structured hedges and bushes provide protection, food and suitable breeding sites for birds. In the Herzogenmatt the dunnock, common redstart, yellowhammer, Eurasian wren and many other indigenous species of birds can therefore be observed.

Walking Tour

From the Allschwil pond a hiking trail follows the Dorenbach up to the Allschwil Forest. The much-visited forest offers many footpaths, a Vita-Parcours fitness trail and generously equipped barbecue areas. In a forest glade further up in the valley, the Herzogenmatt nature reserve spreads out on a slope.
N: 47° 32' 9"   E: 07° 33' 2" Detail POI download
Map: Landeskarte der Schweiz (Map of Switzerland), 1:25,000, sheet no. 1047 (Basel)

Activity: on foot, Sports, Fire place / Picnic
Equipment: good footwear, botanical identification books, Camera
Nature: Forest, Lakes, Birds, Reptiles / Amphibians / Fishes, Insects, Plants
Required time: a few hours

Target groups:
Individuals, Excursion with children, Groups / Extended families, Schools lower level, Schools intermediate level, Schools upper level
Suitable for pushchairs but not for people in wheelchairs.

Food and drinks:
Barbecue / picnic area
In the Allschwil Forest there are several barbecue areas available shortly before reaching the Herzogenmatt area.

Public transport: tram, Bicycle, Car
By tram no. 8 go up to the stop Neuweilerstrasse. Then go by foot on the road up to the Allschwil pond and the start of the hiking trail. If you are coming by car, use the car park at Herrenweg near the Allschwil pond. By bicycle you can ride up to the start of the Allschwil Forest, here there are bicycle stands.

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