The concept of green belts already exists in several German agglomerations. The «GrünGürtel» (green belt) around the city of Frankfurt, which also served as a model for the present project, is well-known and particularly groundbreaking.

The «Regio Greenbelt» project was launched by the TRINUM Foundation for Trinational Environmental Protection in spring 2005 with the aim of making the diversity of the natural and landscape spaces as well as the outdoor recreational opportunities in the Basel agglomeration known and accessible to the population through a trilingual website.

The aim is to promote awareness of the importance of open spaces within the agglomeration and in the surrounding area. The trinational region around Basel has a uniquely diverse environment with different natural spaces. The development of the area into a European metropolitan region can lead to an upgrading of the quality of life if care is also taken of the natural and recreational spaces.

In 2016, the project was handed over to the Regio Basiliensis, which has given the project a new polish by updating and revising the website's content in 2023. In 2020, the project was also awarded the IBA Basel label.

The «Regio Greenbelt» concept lists around 100 places that are located within the Basel agglomeration. Thanks to the filter function, the sites can be searched and found specifically according to certain characteristics. In order to keep the information offered as up-to-date and informative as possible, the project management is seeking the cooperation of relevant partners in the region. However, visitors to the website can also share exciting and interesting information by rating and commenting.

We wish all users a lot of fun and enriching experiences in the «Regio Greenbelt».

Your team of the Regio Basiliensis




We thank our partners for their support.