Nature reserve Altrhein/Grenzach-Wyhlen

Wyhlen, Germany

The Altrhein-Wyhlen nature reserve in the municipality of Grenzach-Wyhlen is a valuable biotope with a variety of different habitats in the backwater area of the two run-of-river power plants Augst and Wyhlen. The area can be surrounded in about two hours on a round trip by ferry to the Rhine crossing at Kaiseraugst. Above the German ferry station, the foundations of a Roman watchtower and bridgehead are open to visitors. The historic power station, built between 1908 and 1912, is also worth a visit.

Various rare bird species such as reed warblers, sandpipers, kingfishers and red-backed shrikes can be observed here, especially during the migratory season and in winter. Posters in the area inform visitors about the species present. The nature conservation organisation ProNatura has also launched a project to reintroduce the beaver.

One kilometre downstream of the German power plant Wyhlen, in the area of a former gravel pit, is the extension of the nature reserve to the "Living River Landscape Wyhlen", a cross-border project of various German and Swiss (nature conservation) organisations. It takes about one to two hours to walk from the two power plants to the Kaiseraugst-Herten ferry on the associated information trail.


The starting point is the car park on the "Wasserkraftwerk" road at the western end of the Altrhein (on the Swiss side). The footpath along the bank offers good views of the Rhine and the shallow bay of the Altrhein. A footpath leads along the upper edge of the slope along the entire nature reserve to the ferry station in the east. There are also fragments of the Roman defence tower. From the bank near the camping village, there is an interesting view of the Rhine and the silted-up eastern parts of the Altrhein. Return to the starting point along the same path.

Due to steps on the way down to the power station, the circular walk is not suitable for wheelchair users.


There are few picnic facilities along the way. However, there are restaurants and shops on both the Swiss and German sides, such as the Bistro zum Kraftwerk.

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Travellers can take public transport to Grenzach-Wyhlen and walk from the station to the nature reserve. By car or bicycle, on the other hand, you can get closer to the two power plants and park either in Augst or on the German side "Am Wasserkraftwerk".

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