The bank protection zone "In der Au" along the Birsig between Oberwil and Therwil combines nature conservation and flood protection. In order to prevent flooding in the settlement area during high water, a dam was built and a floodplain was created on a wide strip along the stream. Information boards explain the flooding regime. In the process, a valuable habitat has been formed: in autumn, the ripe fruits of the spindle tree, the common snowball and the elder shine in the hedges. Reeds, reed beds and shrubberies are popular havens for birds. Large dragonflies hunt over the dry meadows, and butterflies seek out their favourite flowers.

At many nature sites in Oberwil there are information boards with valuable and worthwhile observation tips for those interested and inform about nature at ponds and streams, in orchards and vineyards, at hedgerows and ecological areas, in the forest and in the settlement area.


A narrow footpath leads along the Birsig uphill from Oberwil to Therwil. At the junction over the Mühlebach back to the Birsig, after about 1 km in Therwil, the "In der Au" riverbank protection zone begins. At the tennis court, the footpath branches off to the left and, after crossing the road, leads straight ahead again along an ecologically valuable drainage channel. From the end of the footpath you can take the cycle path through the settlement to Therwil railway station and from there take the tram back to Oberwil.


There are several restaurants and shopping facilities in Oberwil and Therwil. Along the Birsig there are benches for a relaxed picnic. However, there is no barbecue or fireplace.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity

Nature reserve Bammertsgraben

Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner on the topic 'River Landscape Birsig-Marchbach' and the municipality of Biel-Benken.


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The Birsig headwaters can be reached both by public transport and via the cycle path in the direction of Biel-Benken. Visitors with a car should use the car parking in Oberwil at the shopping centre on Mühlemattstrasse and follow the Birsig from there.

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