Nature reserve Bammertsgraben

Bottmingen, Switzerland

The Bammertsgraben is one of several artificially constructed nature reserves on the Bruderholz. Due to the species-rich amphibian fauna, it was included in the inventory of amphibian conservation areas of national importance. Located in the middle of a much-visited local recreation area, the partially accessible ponds allow interesting and stimulating nature observations of dragonflies or other aquatic insects such as backswimmers, water striders, diving beetles or mud flies and plant species such as floating pondweed, water hose and water lilies.

The shore of the southern pond is accessible from Talholzstrasse. Here there is a bench and an information board about the animals and plants in the protected area. The surrounding fields are among the most fertile soils in Switzerland.

In the forest, the view opens up into the 30 to 50 metre deep erosion ditch, on the bottom of which the Chänelbächli flows. The ditch is an impressive geological monument and the forest on top of it is protected and serves as a summer habitat for the frogs and toads of the neighbouring ponds.


Various paths lead away from the northern large pond at the Bruderholz level. To the east, the Hämisackerweg leads to Reinach. A little to the north of the Hämisackerweg, the walk can be continued to the Bruderholz water tower in the canton of Basel-Stadt. The paths to the south run through the forest. The well-signposted network of paths also leads to Oberwil, Therwil or Ettingen.


The Predigerhof restaurant in Reinach invites you to visit it about 1km east of the pond. There are also various barbecue and picnic facilities in the forest.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity

Water tower Bruderholz

Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner on Basel's Bruderholz district.


  • Barbecue / fireplace, By the water, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Sport, Walk

  • Bicycle, Public transport

  • Barbecue / fireplace, Food must be brought along, Picnic area, Restaurant, Shopping facilities nearby

  • Amphibians, Birds, Cultural landscape / meadows, Fishes, Forest, Insects, Reptiles, Waters, Wetland

  • Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Pets, School classes, Sportspeople, Walkers


The Bammertsgraben nature reserve is easily accessible both by public transport and by bicycle. Cars are not allowed. There are parking spaces at the Predigerhof restaurant, but their number is limited and they are exclusively available to the restaurant's guests.

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