Wildenstein Castle is the only surviving hilltop castle in the Basel region, located south of Bubendorf in a side valley of the rear Frenke. The residential tower dates from the 13th century and, amazingly, continued to stand after the loss of its defensive function in the 15th century and its residential function in the 17th century, without falling into disrepair as it did elsewhere. Since 1994, Wildenstein Castle has been owned by the Canton of Basel-Landschaft and is open to the public for private and business events. Anyone who would like to visit the interior of the castle can join one of the free guided tours organised by the "Freunde Schloss Wildenstein" association on the first Sunday of the months from June to October.

Wildenstein is the starting and ending point of numerous walks and hiking tours. Since 1991, the area around the castle (about 100 hectares in size) has been a nature reserve. The aim of the conservation status is to protect and promote the nationally significant medieval cultural landscape with its characteristic elements as well as the high structural and biotope diversity. The old oaks, which were probably planted around 1480, are particularly impressive. Besides the oak stands, various species-rich meadows and pastures, hedges, rock biotopes and wetland sites are worth mentioning from a natural history perspective. The meagre meadows under the trees are home to over 100 plant species and almost all native woodpecker species live here, including the rare middle spotted woodpecker.


Wildenstein Castle is embedded in a series of hiking and walking trails. From the Bubendorf community centre, it is possible to walk south through the village on Wildensteinserstrasse towards Chatzestäge. Here the path climbs steeply through the forest to a plateau, the Rappenfeld, with interesting and species-rich meadows and pastures. On this plateau you can hike on comfortable paths to Wildenstein Castle. In the castle's catchment area there is a beautiful pond at the edge of the forest. Around the castle and along the nature reserve, a number of boards provide information about the history of the area and interesting information about its flora and fauna as well as traditional and current land use. Numerous hiking trails lead from the castle into the surrounding area. A return route to Bubendorf is easily possible via a tarred path through the forest. Here there are various rock biotopes and a small waterfall, the Sorrmattfall. The entrance to the village is reached again after about 30 minutes.

The walk is only partly suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


There are no picnic or barbecue areas in the immediate vicinity of the castle. However, there are several restaurants in Bubendorf, including the highly recommended Restaurant Le "Murenberg". The Schlossbeizli is open every first weekend of the month from April to October. For small appetites and thirsts, there is a small farm shop at Wildenstein Castle two minutes' walk away with coffee, apple cider, muffins and pastries, seasonal fruit and meat products.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity

Cultural Landscape Nuglar-St. Pantaleon



Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner regionatur.ch on the Wilden Stein nature reserve and the Waldweiden-Wytwald forest.


  • Culture, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Hike (good footwear), Walk

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Food must be brought along, Kiosk / Café, Restaurant

  • Amphibians, Birds, Cultural landscape / meadows, Forest, Insects, Reptiles, Waters, Wetland

  • Castle / Ruins, Farm shop, Historical site, Museum / Guided tours, Tour

  • Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Hikers, Pets, School classes, Walkers


The castle can be reached by public transport, but it is a 35-minute walk from the bus stop to the ruins. Travellers by car can park their vehicles in the Carbogen Amcis AG car park (signposted). On Sundays and public holidays there is a general ban on driving to the castle. On other days, the castle can also be reached directly by car.

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