Cultural Landscape Nuglar-St. Pantaleon

Nuglar-St. Pantaleon, Switzerland

Extensive orchards and flower-rich meadows characterise the landscape between the two rural villages of Nuglar-St. Pantaleon and Büren. Meadows and tall fruit trees are an extremely species-rich habitat of the traditional cultural landscape and thanks to a multi-year programme of the nature conservation office of the Canton of Solothurn, the extensive fruit tree landscapes have been preserved until today.

A visit in May and June shows the landscape in its full glory. The meadows are particularly rich in typical species of the only moderately fertilised rich meadows. Meadow salsify, common rattle, marguerite, widow's-eye, knotted bellflower, horned clover and many other more inconspicuous species bloom at this time. In earth cracks, the asparagus pea indicates alternating wet and loamy situations and the heat-loving painwort grows at the edge of the forest. Among the birds, the tree pipit, the redstart and the green woodpecker are typical species of the orchards.


There are two ways to reach the orchard landscape from the village square in Nuglar: Via the Oberdorfstrasse and the Bergweg or via the Ausserdorfstrasse and the Simmenweg. Both options lead back together in the middle of the orchard meadows. Accompanied by the chirping of the numerous field crickets, the signposted hiking trail leads up to the edge of the forest, where the large expanse of the fruit tree landscape becomes visible. At the end of the more wooded section there is a bench and a small fireplace. The subsequent descent through the flower-filled meadows leads on the one hand to Büren, on the other hand the hike through the orchards can be extended by returning to the district of St. Pantaleon. From here you can start the return journey or walk past the church along the Degenmattstrasse down into the Oristal. After a short stretch on the busy road, you reach the Orismühle with the bus stop of the same name.

Due to the length of the walk and the many forest passages, the walk is not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.


During the walk there is only a small picnic and fireplace. Otherwise, lunch from your rucksack is recommended. In the village centre of Nuglar and Büren there are three restaurants each, one of which even has its own distillery.

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You can take public transport from Liestal or Dornach in the direction of Hochwald and Büren. By bike or car, on the other hand, you can drive into the Oristal valley and up to Nuglar at the Orismühle mill. There you can park your car at the Schützenhaus, for example.

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