The valley ponds in the "Tal" nature reserve are located in the upper reaches of the Talbach south of the municipality of Pratteln in Basel-Land. Because of its steep, forested flanks, the valley in the Table Jura is also known as the small "Grand Canyon" of the Basel region. The reserve was established in 1966 and is now an area of over 72 hectares with ponds, a stream and wet meadows. On the initiative of the local council and various residents, a "valley pond working group" was founded around 1963, which planned the ponds as compensation for the increasing overdevelopment of the landscape and built them with a lot of voluntary work. This project can be regarded as pioneering work for regional nature conservation.

The core of the protected area is a series of three ponds lying in a row. The bank of the lowest pond is open to the public. Here, in early spring, the spawning clumps of grass frogs, flying dragonflies and swimming water beetles and backswimmers can be observed. The population of water snails such as mud snails and post horn snails is particularly rich. From the benches on the opposite side, larger animals such as mallards and the red-cheeked ornate turtles, which are invasive in Switzerland, can also be spotted. The ponds are located at the edge of the forest and are fed by the valley stream, whose sources are a little further up the forest edge. The water from the stream is channelled across a meadow, where it forms a small marshy meadow with bluebud flowers in spring. About 100 metres above the uppermost pond, a narrow path leads across the stream, where lesser celandine also thrives. Under the stones in the stream you can find a small animal fauna with stream fleas or caddis flies.

The nature conservation service regularly offers free valley pond walks.


Starting from the centre of the village near the church, the trail leads along Schauenburgerstrasse and the Talweg along the stream up to the Talweiher ponds. You can return to the starting point at the northern end of the reserve via the road in the forest. A map provides an overview of the Talweiher nature reserve.

The walk is not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.


There are hardly any picnic or barbecue facilities on the walk. However, Pratteln offers a wide range of shopping facilities and various restaurants in the town centre.

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  • By the water, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Hike (good footwear), Walk

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  • Food must be brought along

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  • Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Hikers, Pets, School classes, Walkers


Pratteln is easily accessible by public transport. From the railway station, follow the signposted path southwards along the Talbach stream to the ponds. Cars can be parked at the Waldrastplatz Talhölzli, for example.

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