The Goetheanum grounds are a park and garden landscape above Dornach, about 10 km south of Basel. It serves as the seat and conference venue of the School of Spiritual Science and the Anthroposophical Society. Together with other stylistically similar buildings in the vicinity, the Goetheanum, which has been a listed building since 1993, forms an ensemble that is one of the cultural assets of national importance in the canton of Solothurn. Visitors can discover the Goetheanum grounds during one of the many guided tours - information is available here. The picturesque garden park with its café and bookshop invite you to take a relaxing stroll. In the park you can also visit the nursery where animals and plants are cared for according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. From the Goetheanum there is a wonderful view of the Tafeljura and the Birstal as far as Basel.


From the car park a circular route leads up to the left along the gardener's path to magnificent flower and vegetable gardens, past the Keppler Warte and back to the Goetheanum building. From here it is possible to take other shorter walks, to the coffee and dining house, to the "Felsli" and the Duldeck house.


Simple meals are available in the Goetheanum canteen. In addition, the dining house accommodates a restaurant, a bakery and the above-mentioned café and offers tasty menus from Demeter cultivation.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity 

Castle Dorneck 


Ermitage/ Birseck Castle

Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner on the municipality of Dornach.


  • Culture, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Viewpoint, Walk

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Kiosk / Café, Restaurant

  • Animal Park / Zoo, Birds, Cultural landscape / meadows, Insects

  • Museum / Guided tours, Tour

  • Buggies, Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Pets, Walkers, Wheelchair


The Goetheanum can be reached by car or by bus - it has its own bus stop - and is a 15-minute walk from the Dornach-Arlesheim railway station. The car can be parked in the nearby car parks. However, there is a charge for these, also in the evenings, at weekends and on public holidays.

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