The Käppelin gravel pit is presently a nature reserve east of the Dreiländergarten on the territory of the town of Weil am Rhein in the district of Lörrach. Many Swiss may also know it as the Hupfer Grube, named after the former landowner and user. During the phase of intensive gravel extraction around 1980, the area was known to bird and amphibian experts as a refuge for typical floodplain species such as the little ringed plover, sand martin, natterjack toad or yellow-bellied toad. However, gravel has not been extracted from the pit for a long time. Due to the requirement to recultivate the extraction area, fields were soon laid out and today part of the former pit has been built over. The southwestern part is open to the public, while the northeastern part is reserved for nature alone. The area, which can be accessed on a signposted path, offers a valuable habitat for rare dragonflies, amphibians and bird species such as whitethroats, Orphean warblers, willow warblers, red-backed shrikes, nightingales, long-eared owls, green and grey woodpeckers. Near the former gravel works, which is now used for cultural purposes, there is a playground and the Sundgauhaus with its goat enclosure.


Various information boards inform visitors on a tour about the composition of the gravel gravel and the origin of the stones found in the area, the amphibian species, the small bodies of water that only carry water intermittently, or the wild bee and wasp species. Along the north-western slope of the gravel pit, there are two newly built ponds along the path.

The area is wheelchair and pram accessible.


On the former grounds of the State Horticultural Show there are various places where you can have a picnic. However, there is no actual picnic area. There are also several shopping and catering facilities in Weil am Rhein.

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Travelling by public transport is difficult and only possible as far as the "Weil am Rhein" railway station. From there, visitors would have to walk about 2km to the area. From Switzerland, the easiest way to reach the reserve is by car via the Wiese pond footbridge and the road "Am Sohleck". From Weil am Rhein, the entrance is immediately south-east of the Mattrain subway near the Trinational Environmental Centre (TRUZ). There are no public parking spaces available.

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