Power Plant Birsfelden

Birsfelden, Switzerland

The Birsfelden power plant is an important power plant with a sluice function for the utilisation of the Rhine's hydropower and at the same time a local recreation area for animals, plants and people in the municipality of Birsfelden. It offers not only a park landscape divided into groups of trees, which was designed around 1955, but also the small but remarkable nature reserve "Biotop am Stausee" southeast of the sluice. The varied, recreational surroundings around the power station offer valuable habitats. Interesting water birds such as barn swallows, wagtails, reed buntings and long-tailed tits can be observed on the reservoir, especially in autumn. For about five years, a pair of moorhens has also been breeding here regularly. In summer, a variety of butterfly and dragonfly species can be found in the flower-rich meadow and around the pond.

The "Exhibition in Nature" provides 12 information panels on various topics on the grounds around the Birsfelden power plant, covering, among other things, the locks of the ships, hydropower in general, but also various animal species that have settled around the power plant.


A footpath leads from the bridge at the ship sluice to the power plant island. The island has a network of paths that reach as far as the eastern tip in the middle of the Rhine and offer nice places to sit. On the north side of the island, water birds on the reservoir can be easily observed with a permanently installed telescope. Another footpath leads south-east from the sluice bridge to the biotope pond (nature reserve). There is a large children's playground about 200 m south-west of the sluice.


There are various picnic and barbecue facilities on the island of the Birsfelden power station and in the nearby Rhine Park. In addition, the café-bar La Strada invites visitors to have a drink.

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Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner regionatur.ch on the topic of 'hydropower and weirs' and the municipality of Birsfelden.


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Birsfelden is easily accessible by public transport as well as by bicycle. If you arrive by car, you can park at the car park on Hofstrasse.

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