Bettlerhöhlen Bruderholz

Basel, Switzerland

The beggar's cave is what the residents of the Bruderholz neighbourhood call the playground near Hechtliacker. The name comes from a large and several smaller caves in the adjacent forest, which according to legend were inhabited by beggars. As early as during the last Ice Age and until the Bronze Age, the caves were used by people as campsites. They served as a permanent residence for Ice Age hunters and finds from them can be seen in the Basel Natural History Museum. The caves are formed from Nagelfluh rocks. Less consolidated material was removed by erosion and the overhanging Nagelfluh rock remained. On the same slope, in the undisturbed forest area, there are also burrows of foxes.


For children, the small woodland area is perfect for adventure play. It offers a swing, a slide, a paddling pool and a climbing tree. The playground, located at the edge of the forest, is public and freely accessible. There are many narrow paths in the wooded area around the cave, which also allow you to descend to the Jakobsbergweglein, for example.

Please note that the forest in the area of the Beggar's Cave is very steep and the creation of new trails in the forest is prohibited.


The Beggar's Cave Bruderholz offers a picnic area, but no fireplace and wild bonfires in the forest are prohibited. The Viertel-Kreis restaurant at the Leimgrubenweg stop is therefore a good alternative. In addition, there are numerous other shopping and catering options in the immediate vicinity.

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  • Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Playground, Walk

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Food must be brought along, Picnic area, Restaurant, Shopping facilities nearby

  • Caves, Forest

  • Historical site

  • Buggies, Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Pets, School classes, Walkers, Wheelchair


The Beggars' Cave is easily accessible by public transport or bicycle. The destination can also be reached on foot. Travellers by car can park their vehicles in public car parks in the settlement area.

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