The Basel Zoological Garden - also known as Zoo Basel or Zolli - is located in the middle of the city of Basel, just near the old town. In addition to native species such as pygmy goats or wild boars, the zoo is home to a large variety of mostly endangered wild animals from all over the world: from African lions, cheetahs and meerkats to bison, hippos and Sumatran orangutans. Equally impressive is the diversity of creatures outside the enclosures. More than 3,100 free-living animal and plant species live in the almost 12-hectare zoo area.

At the main entrance you come to a pond with many native water birds, including moorhens, cormorants and grey herons. The pond is surrounded by reeds, willows and maples. A little further on in the zoo, there is an enclosure with various odd-toed ungulates, and storks have their nests in the trees right next to it. A detour to the green roof of the monkey house is very rewarding - from here you have a great view of large parts of the zoo grounds.

The visit to Basel Zoo is also suitable for prams and wheelchairs.


There is a cafeteria, a restaurant and several kiosks on the zoo grounds. Picnicking is possible on the park benches. There are also a number of other tasty restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the zoo.

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The route is easily walkable from the SBB railway station and signposted. It is also possible to travel directly to the zoo by public transport. For those arriving by car, there are parking garages at Heuwaage, a five-minute walk from the zoo.

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