The Allschwil pond is a small pond originally built as a fire pond on the course of the Dorenbach. It is home to various water birds and a large fish population for observation. It is also an excellent starting point for excursions into the Allschwil forest, which can be reached upstream along the closed-down shooting area. 


There are no picnic or barbecue areas/fireplaces directly at the Allschwil pond. Fishing is also prohibited. However, there are various fireplaces and picnic areas in the Allschwil forest. Allschwil also has a large number of excellent restaurants.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity

Forest of Allschwil

Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner on the subject of 'standing waters' and the municipality of Allschwil.


  • By the water, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Walk

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Food must be brought along, Shopping facilities nearby

  • Amphibians, Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Waters

  • Buggies, Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Pets, School classes, Walkers, Wheelchair


The Allschwil pond is easily accessible by public transport and by bicycle. If you are travelling by car, there is a car park right next to the pond.

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