The Herzogenmatt nature reserve is an amphibian spawning area of national importance with a variety of different habitats. Eleven amphibian species, such as the water frog, midwife toad, newt and yellow-bellied toad, can be found in the man-made ponds and ditches. In the ponds, the occurrence of crayfish claw as well as pond lily and water lily is striking. Fence and wall lizards as well as slow worms and grass snakes feel at home in the cairns, and the richly structured hedges and bushes provide birds with shelter, food and suitable breeding sites. For example, the hedge sparrow, the redstart, the yellowhammer, the wren and other native bird species can be observed in the Herzogenmatt.

The Herzogenmatt reserve is located in a clearing of the Allschwil forest, which provides a broad knowledge of the various animal and tree species as well as spring habitats, sustainable energy production and much more on a forest nature trail run by the Binningen civic community.

From the Pond of Allschwil, a hiking trail follows the Dorenbach stream into the Forest of Allschwil. The much-visited forest offers numerous walking paths, a vitaparcours and generously equipped barbecue areas. In a clearing further up the valley, the Herzogenmatt nature reserve spreads out on a slope.

The area is suitable for prams but not for wheelchairs.


There are several barbecue sites in the Forest of Allschwil just before you reach the Herzogenmatt reserve. In addition, the municipalities of Binningen and Allschwil offer a variety of shopping facilities and restaurants.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity 

Forest of Allschwil

Pond of Allschwil


Further information

Here you will find further information from our partner on the Herzogenmatt/Allschwil Forest nature reserve and on common and natterjack toads.


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  • Amphibians, Birds, Fishes, Forest, Insects, Reptiles, Specific fauna, Waters, Wetland

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  • Buggies, Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Pets, School classes, Sportspeople, Walkers


The Herzogenmatt nature reserve is easily accessible by public transport and a short walk into the area. Those arriving by car can use the Allschwiler Weiher, Spitzwald or Gartenareal Paradies car parks. Bicycles can also be parked at the Allschwiler Weiher.

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