At the outskirts of the old town of Laufen, the water of the Birs plunges about six metres into the depths. The names "Laufen" or "Lauffen" used to refer to rapids that formed in gorge-like stretches of water or at waterfalls. A hard rock bar prevented the Birs from deepening and ultimately gave the town its name when it was founded around 1296. The houses built here formerly did not belong to the town of Laufen and were administered by the bailiff of Zwingen. Even the imposing town house, which once served as a nobleman's residence and hospital, did not belong to the town in the past.

Seen from the banks of the Birs, the waterfall looks imposing and the fish ladder on the left bank becomes visible. It is intended to enable fish to migrate to the upper sections of the Birs and may one day also be used by salmon.

On the upper reaches, mallards are regularly encountered. The gravel banks are mainly covered with willows, while little vegetation can develop between the large boulders.


Various restaurants and shops in the old town of Laufen or in the suburbs offer good eating arrangements. The Birsfall also has its own beer, the Birsfall beer, which is available for example at the Restaurant Central Laufen or the Salmen Bar & Lounge Laufen. Park benches around the Birsfall provide a relaxing picnic spot.

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By public transport, you can travel to Laufen railway station, from where you can easily reach the Birsfall on foot. Car parking is available at the station or north of the old town. From there, cross the road to the shopping centre and immediately before it turn left down to the Birs.

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