The Blauenweide is a 2.5 km long dry pasture with a total area of 35 hectares on the slope of the Blauenberg at 650 m above sea level. It is an exemplarily maintained nature reserve of national importance and a rich cultural landscape with interesting flora, such as the winged broom and various orchid species, and fauna. Visitors will find a large breeding population of the red-backed shrike, but also other birds as well as reptiles and butterflies. The Blauenweide offers a beautiful view to the south into the Laufen basin and the High Jura.


A round walk from Blauen village takes about 2 hours. After leaving the village, follow the signs to Blattenweg - Blattenpass in a westerly direction. After about 400 m you will come to a sign indicating the nature reserve. You then reach the upper edge of the pasture on ascending terrain through the pasture in a north-easterly direction. From here you descend in the pasture through a beautiful old linden grove to Stelli. A signpost leads you back to Blauen village.

As the walk has the character of a hike with steeper terrain sections, this excursion is only suitable for people who are good on foot. It is also advisable to wear good shoes.


There are no picnic or barbecue facilities at the Blauenweide itself. For this, visitors have to go to the nearby Blauenberg, whose hiking trails are repeatedly lined with small fireplaces and picnic areas. Alternatively, there are a few restaurants in Blauen and the Restaurant Bergmatten above Hofstetten near Blauenberg offers small menus and snacks.

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Here you will find further information from our partner on the 'Nenzlinger Weide/ Blauen Weide Nature Reserve'.


  • Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Hike (good footwear), Sport, Viewpoint

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Food must be brought along, Restaurant, Shopping facilities nearby

  • Birds, Cultural landscape / meadows, Forest, Insects, Reptiles, Specific fauna

  • Tour

  • Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Hikers, Pets, Sportspeople


Arrival by public transport is possible via Laufen to the station "Blauen, Dorfplatz". From the bus stop, the Blauenweide is about 35 minutes away by foot. If arriving by car, it is best to park in the car park above the village (upper Rütti, near Schweizer Baudokumentation) and start the tour from there.

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