The Lörzbach forms the national border between Switzerland and France over a stretch of about one kilometre, between the municipalities of Schönenbuch and Hagenthal. Schönenbuch has two watercourses, with the Chappelengrabenbach flowing into the Lörzbach. The floodplain here is diverse and forested with typical black alder stands. Especially during the bird migration season, but also in winter, the ponds are an interesting and rewarding destination for nature lovers due to the wintering water birds. On both the French and Swiss sides, the stream is in a relatively near-natural state, for example with a private fish pond and several near-natural fish ponds. On the lower part of this stream is the Schönenbuchmühle, which was supplied with water by its own canal.

A few hundred metres beyond the French border, in a forest, lies the former Le Letten landfill. For years, this site was the subject of heated public debate, because an elevated concentration of carcinogenic toxins was detected in the Lörzbach stream, which also affected Allschwil's drinking water supply. In 2011, the landfill was cleared and subsequently reforested. To date, however, not all of the pollutants have been removed.


The starting point of the tour is the car park of the Hotel Jenny at Rue de Hegenheim 84 (intersection Rue de Hégenheim / Rue de Hagenthal). Walk downstream along the fish ponds to the end point. From here, walk back on the other side of the ponds, along the Lörzbach. If you walk a little further in the direction of Allschwil, you will also come to a large car park with barbecue and picnic facilities and a Vita Parcours.

From the starting point, there is also a short walk upstream in the floodplain with benches.


In addition to the picnic and barbecue area, there is also a small farm shop at the Lörzbachmühle. Furthermore, we recommend the restaurant " Maison Jenny " (in the Klepferhof), which offers regional specialities.

Weitere Grüngürtelorte in der Nähe

Pond of Allschwil 

Forest of Allschwil



Chapel of Heiligenbrunn

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By public transport, it is worth travelling via the Swiss side to Schönenbuch. Cars can be parked at the Lörzbachmühle or on Rue du Moulin.

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