The wooded stretch of the Lolibach stream in the Tüfleten is a nature reserve of the Canton of Solothurn. The small Lolibach sought its own path on the western edge of the Gempen plateau and has created an impressive valley over thousands of years. On the narrow path through the shady, damp little valley, in many places the stream flows around the trees, causing some of them to become unstable and fall over. These now enrich the habitat in this way. The further course of the Lolibach is varied: rapids and small pools alternate. Butterbur meadows and marshy meadows form in between. Butterflies such as the emperor's cloak settle on the riparian vegetation. The rare shrub pimpernut grows at the edge of the path. The uppermost part of the forest outside the nature reserve is ideal for picnics and resting. Here the large, mysterious boulders create a special atmosphere and the shallow stream invites children to play. After leaving the forest, you come across pastures and flower meadows dotted with high-trunk fruit trees. In September, the purple blossoms of countless autumn crocus shimmer in the grass.

Before it flows into the Birstal, the Lolibach is dammed to form a pond. Grass frogs, common toads and Alpine newts settle there.


Starting at Aesch railway station and crossing the railway tracks, the tour first leads along the armoured barriers and then through the forest to the houses of the Apfelsee neighbourhood in Dornach. Already behind the Lolibach residential house, you reach the course of the stream and the nature reserve. A possible continuation of the excursion leads along the little road in the direction of Obertüfleten. If you want to do a somewhat longer hike, you can follow the signposted hiking trail north to Castle Dorneck. A shorter circular hike leads via Ober-Aesch down to Angestein Castle and back to Aesch. However, this path is not signposted.

The walk is not suitable for wheelchairs or buggies.


There is a picnic and barbecue area at the top of the forest outside the nature reserve. There is also a small farm shop in Obertüfleten. There are various restaurants and shopping facilities in Aesch and Dornach.

Other greenbelt sites in the vicinity

Castle Dorneck




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  • Barbecue / fireplace, By the water, Excursion with animals, Excursion with children, Hike (good footwear), Viewpoint, Walk

  • Bicycle, Car, Public transport

  • Barbecue / fireplace, Food must be brought along, Picnic area

  • Amphibians, Birds, Cultural landscape / meadows, Fishes, Forest, Insects, Reptiles, Specific fauna, Waters, Wetland

  • Farm shop, Tour

  • Families, Groups (< 10 persons), Groups (> 10 persons), Hikers, Pets, School classes, Walkers


By train or bike, you reach Aesch railway station, from where you follow the Interregio hiking trail eastwards. Travellers arriving by car can also park their car at Aesch station.

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